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Vargo Titanium Flask

$55.00 $49.00

Outside of the obvious use as a flask for beverages, this product functions as a convenient way to transport 190 proof grain alcohol for use in stoves as well. We don't recommend packing rubbing alcohol on the trail because it contains an added poison which makes it unusable for sterilizing bottles, hydration bladders, drinking hoses, cutting boards, and any other item which comes in contact with food or drink. The patented integrated silicone funnel flips up for easy filling, then folds down for use.


  • Pure titanium material in body and lid
  • Integrated silicone funnel
  • Easy to fill and empty
  • No extra funnel to lose
  • Material won't impart or alter taste
  • Completely biocompatible


  • Capacity: 8 oz (240 ml)
  • Weight: 3.7 ounces (105 grams)
  • Length: 5.9 inches (150 mm)
  • Width: 3.7 inches (94 mm)