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  • Urban Skills



    The internet is full of myths and misinformation when it comes to 'urban preparedness. We are very excited to share our knowledge on how to survive disasters and everday dangers in densely populated areas. Designed to supplement basic disaster and urban preparedness information, this four hour course provides nonconventional individual skills such as: mindset, personal protection, egress from buildings, emergency rappel, EDC gear, bug out bags, lock picking, and plans of action. This course is NOT a rehash of FEMA disaster preparedness information nor do we waste time with apocalyptic zombie scenarios. In addition to the training received during the course, you will leave with a list of resources for continuing along the path of being more prepared and self reliant in an urban setting.


    Topics covered include (but not limited to):

    - mindset and awareness
    - Personal Defense and Safety
    - Egress from buildings
    - EDC gear
    - Bug Out Bags
    - Emergency Rappelling
    - Lockpicking
    - plans of action
    - Driving tips and modes of transportation


    In signing up for this/these workshops, you acknowledge and understand the inherent danger of urban survival activities and will not hold Bushcraft Northwest nor its owner, Michael Lummio, responsible for any damage and/or injury incurred during the workshop(s) or at any time in the future. You also accept full responsibility for your actions should your use of these skills cause damage and/or injury to yourself or others.