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Swedish Firesteel 2.0

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The standard of firelighting for bushcrafters everywhere and a must for every kit. Originally developed for the Swedish Department of Defense, the Swedish FireSteel creates a 5,400°F spark even when wet. The Army model is great for long term and heavy duty use. This is also the size that the firesteel loop in our sheaths are designed to fit. Use with the back of your knife or the included scraper. This new handle is made from recycled coconut husks making it not only more environmentally friendly but proving a beautiful, natural look that goes perfectly with our handmade leather sheaths. Made in Sweden.

- Reliable performance at all altitudes and in cold weather—2,980°C (5,400°F) spark.
- Durable—lasts approximately 12,000 strikes.
- Ignites all tinder and can be used for campfires, gas stoves, and gas barbecues.
- Works equally well when wet.
- Striker handle includes a built-in emergency whistle.
- Bright spark can be used as an emergency signal.