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  • Shrike


    We aren't interested in cranking out a new knife every month just to sell product. When we produce a knife, it's because the design does a job, and does it better than anything else out there. Many of our customers who like the Celilo's feel and cutting power asked us for a similar blade made of thinner steel that could still handle the tough jobs. Introducing the Shrike, our first new knife release in five years.  Every effort has been made in both design and materials to reduce weight without sacrificing performance. The 1/8" thick O1 Tool Steel blade is 3.6" long with an overall length of 7.75" giving you lots of working edge and a narrow profile for turning easily in wood. The handle is supremely comfortable in all bushcraft grips and sports our signature thumb ramp. The scales are fastened with aluminum Corby Screws instead of stainless steel to further reduce weight. Like all our knives, the Shrike features a scandi grind for a razor carving edge with maximum durability. Includes your choice of a handmade Black Bridle Leather sheath or a Kydex version with removable belt loop.

    This knife's namesake is a small but ferocious bird that is famous for impaling its prey on thorns or barbed wire. The gray green micarta scales and black liners of our knife match the colors of this beautiful and formidable animal.