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Private Workshop


Learn what you want, when you want, where you want. We offer private Bushcraft and/or Urban Survival workshops for individuals as well as groups. The standard one day, eight hour, single person private workshop is held here at our training site in Goldendale, WA. Other pricing varies upon group size and location.

Please contact us at info@bushcraftnorthwest.com or call 360-606-1036 for more information.

Bushcraft Northwest - Topic List

Knives and Edged Tools: Learn proper cutting techniques which are both safe and efficient. Hands on training with lots of carving. Knife sharpening, saws, and axes are also covered. This is a must for those who want to get the most out of their tools.

Fire: Being able to light a fire can mean the difference between life and death. This section covers vital topics such as fuel types, finding and preparing tinder, friction fire lighting, ignition methods, and various fire lays.

Cordage and Withes: From building shelters to gathering food, cordage is often used in the process. Learn traditional techniques of making cordage out of easily found natural materials.

Knots: Unless you are involved in a highly specialized activity, you don’t need to have fifty knots memorized. We cover the eight most useful knots that you need to know to get things done.

Shelter: Tarp setups and improvised shelters for both planned and emergency stays.

How to use a compass, compensate for declination, and read natural signs (day and night) to get where you want to go. Clinometer work and other more advanced skills are covered on request.

Emergency measures: A vital and often overlooked topic that should be familiar to all who venture into the backcountry. Content includes rope work, first aid, transporting injured people, and signaling.

Edible Plants: Plants are an easy and reliable food source once the edible varieties can be positively identified.

Gear and Packs: Stop overpacking and/or accidentally leaving important items behind. Learn Mike’s modular packing system to keep gear organized whether it’s a survival kit or a full blown backpack.

Trapping: Primitive snares and deadfalls are illegal unless there is a true emergency. Learn the most efficient methods should the need arise.

Fishing: How to make nets, weirs, and fishing tackle out of a blend of modern and natural materials.

Traditional Cooking: You don’t need pots and pans to cook and preserve food. Methods covered include hot rock cooking and drying meat.

Various Projects: Bow drill, snowshoes, frame saw, emergency shelters, lifting snares, modified Paiute deadfall, fishing net, fish hooks, drying racks (for jerky), fish and shellfish traps, fire reflector protector.


In signing up for this/these workshops, you acknowledge and understand the inherent danger of wilderness activities and/or the use of cutting tools and will not hold Bushcraft Northwest nor its owner, Michael Lummio, responsible for any damage and/or injury incurred during the workshop(s) or at any time in the future. You also accept full responsibility for your actions should your use of these skills cause damage and/or injury to yourself or others.