Bushcraft Northwest Celebrating 16 Years of Innovative Products & Instruction
  • Montem Bushcraft Knife


    Montems are currently backordered until July, but you may place your order at any time.

    The Montem is our newest knife design and is essentially a "best of BCNW" that features highlights from all of Mike's previous designs. It has the Celilo's handle shape which melts into the hand and feels supremely comfortable even when carving and slicing through tough material for long periods. The thumb ramps at the front add comfort when choking up on the handle or holding the knife in a side grip. The blade shape, a combination of our famous BCNW-O1 and Shrike bushcraft knives, is both nimble for fine carving yet stout enough for big jobs. 

    One unique feature of the Montem is its innovative "hybrid grind" which is a blend of both flat and Scandi grinds. Mike has been experimenting with this bevel combination over the last few years, but this is its first production release. The idea behind it is to maintain the robust properties of a Scandi while removing some of the excess steel from the blade sides to facilitate a much easier sharpening process and less resistance when slicing through material. We can't believe the improvement over a regular Scandi and think you will be as impressed as we are with our new hybrid grind.

    The Montem comes with a custom molded Kydex sheath for a secure fit and also includes a 5/16" firesteel loop (holds the Exotac FireRod perfectly) and a belt attachment that fits up to 2" wide belts.

    Montem means "mountainside" in Latin and is a tribute to the beautiful landscape where BCNW is located. 


    - 3.5" (9cm) blade with Hybrid grind
    - 1/8" (3mm) thick AEB-L steel
    - 7.75"(20cm) overall length
    - 4.7 ounces
    - Full tang construction
    - Ergonomic handle
    - The Montem is completely handmade for us by Paul Lackey at PL Knives
    - Lifetime Guarantee to the original owner