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  • Mission MBK-Ti

    There is only 1 item left in stock.
    There is only 1 item left in stock.
    There is only 1 item left in stock.
    There is only 1 item left in stock.
    Back by popular demand, the MBK defines the term "survival knife". It is made of a state of the art titanium alloy which is 800 degrees F more thermally stable than steel, will not break in sub zero weather, is five times more abrasion resistant than steel, and will NEVER rust or corrode even in salt water. While it was originally designed for the Special Operations, SWAT, and tactical communities, it also makes a fantastic bushcraft knife (especially with the addition of our custom options). The MBK is approximately 8" in length with a 4" spear point, plain edge blade and skeletonized handle. Handle materials include the stock 550 paracord wrap (shown in blaze orange) or our own specialized handle option which adds a rubber insert providing a bit more girth. We also offer the service of reprofiling the factory bevel for better carving abilities (shown on green cord MBK). See our descriptions below to help decide which handle and grind angle suit your needs. A Kydex sheath is included for attachment to the forearm, neck, or on the belt. Base Weight: an incredible 2.8 oz! Made in the USA with a lifetime guarantee.

    Factory Paracord Wrap - A simple wrap that works fine in a utility function for short periods of use. It is rather thin and therefore not so comfortable for extended work sessions. This option is lightweight and inexpensive and can be seen on the MBK with Orange cord.

    BCNW Custom Wrap with Insert - We start by adding a rubber insert which is then wrapped in gutted paracord. Then the handle is wrapped again with paracord in one of the many colors we have in stock. The insert adds bulk to the handle and makes for a very comfortable experience during long carving jobs. There are no screws or metal fasteners to rust, and the handle can be completely disassembled and reassembled as desired. Truly the best of all worlds. Shown on the Foliage Green MBK.


    Factory Edge - The best choice if you mostly use your knife for splitting kindling and general utility work, and prefer extra durability over a fine carving edge. (shown on orange MBK)

    Custom Grind - We regrind the bevel of the MBK to match the same cutting angle as our Celilo Bushcraft Knife. Due to the styling and profile of the MBK, this process is achieved by hand using a jig, file, and waterstones. The bevel is flat and extremely sharp. The best choice for those who need a knife that can carve and perform fine, planing cuts (shown on MBK with foliage green cord handle).