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  • Bushcraft Weekend



    In this two day course, we cover everything from the basics to advanced techniques including Gear and Survival Kits, Edged Tools, Fire, First Aid, Cordage and Withes, Shelter, and Navigation. All learning is hands on and the days are packed with information. There is no skill level requirement for this course. 

    Full meals provided on Saturday night and Sunday morning. Please bring whatever food and camping items you'd like for your comfort during your stay. We also bring some new gear to workshops for sale, but if there is something specific you are interested in, please let us know so we are sure to bring it to the site. 

    Bushcraft Northwest also offers private workshops for individuals, groups, and government agencies. Cost varies depending on group size and whether the course will be held at our location in Goldendale, WA or if we are traveling to your location. Please contact us via email or feel free to call (360) 606-1036 to find out more information. 

    Topics taught during the workshop

    Edged Tools: This is a must for those who want to get the most out of their tools. Learn proper knife techniques which will increase safety and functionality of this most important tool. Hands on learning with lots of carving. Knife sharpening, saw, and ax techniques are also covered.

    Fire: Being able to light a fire can mean the difference between life and death. This section of the course covers vital topics such as fuel types, finding and preparing tinder, friction fire lighting, using a fire steel, etc.

    Cordage and Withes: Learn traditional techniques of making cordage out of easily found natural materials.

    Knots: Having or making cordage is only the first part of the process. Being able to tie the proper knot for the task is the other.

    Shelter: Debris huts, tarp setups, "Super Shelters", and others depending on season and location

    Navigation: How to use a compass and read natural signs (day and night) to get where you want to go. Orienteering compass required.

    Bush Medicine / First Aid: A vital and often overlooked topic that should be familiar to all who venture into the backcountry.

    Edible Plants: Plants are an easy and reliable food souce once the edible varities can be positively identified.

    Gear and Packs: From everyday carry items to full blow backpacks. Learn what we use and how we carry it.


    In signing up for this/these workshops, you acknowledge and understand the inherent danger of wilderness activities and/or the use of cutting tools and will not hold Bushcraft Northwest nor its owner, Michael Lummio, responsible for any damage and/or injury incurred during the workshop(s) or at any time in the future. You also accept full responsibility for your actions should your use of these skills cause damage and/or injury to yourself or others.