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  • Bushcraft Fundamentals



    Interested in what bushcraft is all about? This four hour course will teach you the basics of navigation, knife skills, knot tying, and firelighting. Tools, survival kits, and backpacking gear will also be discussed and demonstrated. We conclude by walking the trails to identify and sample easily found wild foods.  A great and affordable way to increase your confidence in the woods and acquire a solid foundation of wilderness skills. No food or drinks provided.

    Portland location: TBD

    Seattle location: Cougar Mountain Regional Wildlands Park

    Bushcraft Northwest also offers private workshops for individuals, groups, and government agencies. Cost varies depending on group size and whether the course will be held at our location in Goldendale, WA or if we are traveling to your location. Please contact us via email or feel free to call (360) 606-1036 to find out more information.


    Edged Tools: Learn proper knife techniques which will increase the safety and functionality of this most important tool. Knife sharpening and folding saws are also covered.

    Fire: The basics of making a proper fire are demonstrated along with the most common ignition methods.

    Knots: Having cordage is only the first part of being prepared. Being able to tie the proper knot for the task is the other.

    Navigation: How to use a compass and read natural signs (day and night) to get where you want to go. Orienteering compass recommended.

    Edible Plants:Plants are an easy and reliable food source once the edible varieties can be positively identified.

    Gear and Packs: From everyday carry items to full blown backpacks. Learn what we use and how we carry it. ​


    In signing up for this/these workshops, you acknowledge and understand the inherent danger of wilderness activities and/or the use of cutting tools and will not hold Bushcraft Northwest nor its owner, Michael Lummio, responsible for any damage and/or injury incurred during the workshop(s) or at any time in the future. You also accept full responsibility for your actions should your use of these skills cause damage and/or injury to yourself or others.