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  • BCNW Leather Belt with Swede Saw Blade

    Please do not give pants size. Measure as instructed below.
    A Swede saw is one of the most valuable tools a person can have in the backcountry, especially in the colder months when it's necessary to cut larger pieces of wood for fire and shelter. While it is easy to make the frame of the saw when in the bush, the saw blade is very difficult to pack due to its long length and sharp teeth. Our new belt design solves this problem by safely and conveniently storing a 24" saw blade between two layers of high quality leather. The blade is secured using three Chicago screws which are then used to hold the blade in the frame (see picture below). Whether you're on a day hike or a month long trek, now there's no reason to be without this powerful tool. Completely handmade in the USA by Willco Crafts in Yakima, Washington. Each belt is custom made to your specifications so please allow 3 weeks for delivery. Comes complete with high quality 24" Bahco dry wood saw blade inside.

    Sizing Instructions:
    With the pants you will be wearing, measure through the loops from the snap or button making a complete circle. If a flexible tape is not available, a piece of string can be used. Do not add for the extra tongue length. Please note this measurement in the "Belt Size" option above.