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Testimonials From Our Customers

Just finished the two day Bushcraft Weekend class with Bushcraft Northwest. It was awesome! I now have a huge foundation of knowledge to build off of and sprout out in any direction from, concerning Bushcraft. There was tons of hands-on exercises; great talks on all the truly important foundation skills required to survive on very little in a deep woods situation. In two days you can't expect to fit in too much, but Mr. Mike Lummio manages to teach what I feel are crucial core skills and pragmatic and realistic mindsets for survival situations in the wilds. Getting deep into the hills with the bare minimum, (and being OK) is the ideal for me; and Mike believes in and teaches that ideal in his curriculum.

Small group, adequate time for practice and discussion, and any question you could possibly have he can field. It's a wonderful family environment, and we were fortunate enough to have his wife prepare some scrumptious home cooked meals for us during the two day course. Genuinely valid and practical information given by someone who is truly passionate and knowledgeable in his field. The things I learned in the two days I was there will stay with me forever. At this point, money isn't really relevant. Thank you to Mike and his family for a welcoming and incredible weekend of Bushcraft learning. I could go on and on, but suffice it to say, the course was money well spent by any measure and an absolute pleasure. Now it's just practice, practice, practice!

~John V. - Goldendale, WA

I attended a weekend long class with Mike. The class was very relaxed with great instruction and enough theory to back your actions of why things are done a certain way. Mike is a great teacher and spends a lot of time going over problem areas with you. In my honest opinion I would gladly take the class again. You leave with an abundance of knowledge and with a full arsenal of Bushcraft skills that will serve you for the rest of your life... Mike also carries great top quality gear for the Bushcraft enthusiast. The gear is tested personally by Mike and he will even let you compare the gear during a class. Again he takes the time to explain why a certain tool works better than another. Thanks Mike for a great class....

~ Mike H. - Portland, Oregon

Thank you so much for the Celilo. My wife and I love it! The blade is a magnificent design, fit for all tasks. And with the blade being this length, it's legal to carry. The handle, so comfortable in all positions. The Celilo is light enough to keep with you at all times and tough enough for very hard work. What a pleasure to use and carry! We think you have created the Ultimate Bushcraft Knife!!!!

~ Steve and Léa, France


Now that I have had the oppurtunity to own and use your knife design for some time (purchased 11/11/2008), I wanted to drop you a line to tell you it is my absolute favorite knife. I just returned from a seven day walkabout, where I saw quite a few other knives break, either at the tip or in the case of one guy along the belly. Thought batoning, whittling, skinning rattlesnake and cleaning bitter root the knife came throught like a champ. I did not even need to sharpen it while in the field, it did a fantastic job of retaining its edge! You have a real winner with the design.

Thank you again,
~ Tim G. - Bothell, WA

I appreciate your willingness to communicate with your customers in a timely way. That in and of itself is reason enough to patronize your site more. Thanks again. You do business the way it should be done. 

~ Mick - Seattle, WA

That tarp set up is great. I just came back from a few days camping in the White Mountains of New Hampishire (my favorite stomping grounds), and used the "prusik knot set up on the tarp I set up over my hammock, plus I used the ridgeline technique from your video. What a big improvment in coverage and stability. Best of luck. Your site info has been great. Thanks,

~ Rich G

I'm happy to say I just received my order. It arrived much faster than I expected, so I'm writing to say thanks, and that I'm impressed with the service. I had the choice to order this gear from other vendors, but after watching your videos and seeing your dedication to bushcraft and wilderness appreciation, I chose to order through you. It's satisfying to work with a business conducted responsibly and conscientiously, and having, at its core, respect for our environment.

~ Philip F. - Minneapolis, MN

I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the videos on your website. It's great to see Bushcraft and schools like yours gaining popularity here in the states! If I ever get out to the west coast I'll be sure to attend one of your workshops. Keep up the great work!

~ Tom C. - Chicago, IL

I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for having such an informative website. I'm new to Bushcraft per se, but not new to outdoor living having spent several years in the Army. Even with multi-month excursions to the woods in North Carolina, no one ever bothered to teach me some of the things I learned in your video on tarp set-up, and of course I was too young and dumb to seek out that knowledge on my own. That would have been so helpful! Since finding your site, I've recreated the sterno/wood stove your articles mention, pre-tied the knots and guylines on my tarp, and developed a new appreciation for the spoon knife. I also appreciate your inclusion of some of the ultralight gear, as one of my main goals is to minimize weight when in the backcountry (perhaps due to my painful experiences in the Infantry). Then, I was even more surprised and pleased when I checked out your store. Not only are your prices reasonable, in fact cheaper for some things than anything else I've found so far, your descriptions of the products seem to be personally written rather than the usual "cut and paste" from the manufacturer's website. That's so refreshing...

~ James O. - Greenfield, IN

"When I got my Celilo knife in that mail, it was the sharpest knife I have ever handled. Truly. After hiking with it and also working with it (it had taken the place of my regular sheath knife), I can honestly say this is the finest knife I have ever owned. The edge this tool takes continually amazes me and with its shape, size, and balance, the knife is a perpetual joy to use."
Sincerely, P.B. Florida, USA