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EagleTac Flashlights

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Our flashlight requirements are that they must be durable, powerful, and easy to carry. Mike has used and tested these EagleTac lights since 2011 and has found them to fill all these requirements while also being very affordable. The D25A is great for everyday carry with its easily found AA battery and thin diameter (use rechargeable energizers for the most cost effective and long lasting power source). The D25C is slightly thicker but shorter in length and noticeably brighter due to the use of a CR123 battery. The information below is provided to help you choose the best light for your needs. For additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

EagleTac D25A Clicky XM-L2 U3, Uses one AA battery - 200 LED Lumens - Smooth, Flood beam
EagleTac D25C Clicky XM-L2, Uses one CR123 battery - 453 LED Lumens - Smooth, Flood beam

All flashlights feature:
- Two groups (1 and 2) output, selected by twisting head/bezel
- Three levels brightness and seven hidden modes (strobe, beacon, SOS, flash, etc) at group 1 (head loosen)
- Turbo output and tactical strobe output at group 2 (head tighten)
- Stainless steel bezel coated wit durable titanium in dark grey
- Syntax ultra-clear glass lens w/ harden and both-side AR coating
- Type III finish / aerospace grade aluminum
- Stainless steel pocket clip in black finish (A and C)
- Light orange peel (LOP) reflector for maximum output
- Gold and silver plated contacts (made with brass and copper)
- Superior knurling for improved grip
- Heavy Duty Holster with self retention device
- Mil-Spec Paracord Lanyard w/ quick attachment clip