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  • Celilo Bushcraft Knife - 10th Anniversary Edition

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    "When I got my Celilo knife in that mail, it was the sharpest knife I have ever handled. Truly. After hiking with it and also working with it (it had taken the place of my regular sheath knife), I can honestly say this is the finest knife I have ever owned. The edge this tool takes continually amazes me and with its shape, size, and balance, the knife is a perpetual joy to use."
    Sincerely, P.B. Florida, USA

    In addition to our regular lineup, we are now offering a 10th anniversary limited edition Celilo featuring handle scales made of gorgeous Thuya Burl wood and finished off with a black bridle leather sheath. More details below.

    The Celilo is the product of Mike's research and testing over the last ten years in his effort to create the perfect bushcraft blade. It replaces the BCNW-O1 as our signature knife, and we sincerely believe it is the best anywhere for any price. The design is sleek with the cutting power of a much larger knife due to the blade and handle geometry. The modified spearpoint blade results in the point being slightly below the centerline of the knife. This arrangement drives the edge into the wood instead of falling away which results in optimal transfer of power and efficiency while maintaining a beautiful carving edge. The handle was designed to melt securely into the hand and feel comfortable in all popular bushcraft, carving, and slicing grips. The ricasso area functions as a small guard without getting in the way and lets you know when your finger is close to the edge. We put a high polish on the 1095 steel which not only gives the blade a custom look but also dramatically increases its corrosion resistance. While most sheaths these days are made from six ounce leather, the Celilo comes standard with a handmade sheath of ten ounce leather that looks and feels like a fitted gun holster. The firesteel loop will hold both Army size models as well as the Exotac FireRod. Both knife and sheath are completely handmade and carry a Lifetime Guarantee to the original owner YOU MUST BE AT LEAST 18 YEARS OLD TO ORDER THIS PRODUCT.

    - slightly thicker steel provides beautiful balance and even more toughness
    - 3/16" (4.75mm) 1095 High Carbon Tool Steel
    - Thuya Burl Handle Scales
    - Stainless Steel Corby Screws
    - Handmade bridle leather sheath from Moss Leather Works
    - Leather from Wicket and Craig (same as used by Filson and other ultra-high end companies)
    - Stitched with bonded nylon thread (many times more durable than regular thread)
    - Plain sheath only (no firesteel loop option)

    - 3 1/2" (9cm) Scandi grind blade
    - 3/16" (4.75mm) 1095 High Carbon Tool Steel
    - 7.75"(20cm) overall length
    - 6.5 ounces
    - Full tang construction
    - Ergonomic handle
    - High polish on entire knife adds both beauty and increased corrosion resistance
    - Includes a handmade leather sheath with firesteel loop
    - Lifetime Guarantee to the original owner